Jordan Vogt-Roberts in talks to direct Metal Gear Solid

Good news for all of you wondering whatever happened to the Metal Gear movie; that's right, you weren't dreaming, this was a real project. Now THE KINGS OF SUMMER director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is in talks to helm the long awaited adaptation of the METAL GEAR SOLID video game series from Konami.

The original 1998 Sony Playstation game went as such:

Snake, a soldier who infiltrates a nuclear weapons facility to neutralize the terrorist threat from Foxhound, a renegade special forces unit. As part of his mission, Snake must liberate hostages before confronting the terrorists in order to stop them from launching a nuclear strike.

The series of games feature a deep and complicated story with large array of characters, conspiracies, and endless betrayals. The recent games in the series play out like a feature film already with their long cutscenes; so it isn't a stretch to imagine this game brought to life on the big screen. Which games will be featured is still unknown.

The stories of Snake and his enemies are all over the place and span well over the few hours it would take to watch a movie in the theaters; so don't be surprised if they plan a series of movies to use all of the material warranted to make these movies awesome. I personally would love for them to build a series of movies with the character; do you know how many hours I put into the first Metal Gear on Playstation? Enough to be given a great movie franchise that's for sure.

METAL GEAR SOLID was always commercial success when it came to the console, will the same be said on the big screen?

Source: Deadline



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