Josh Brolin's Cable gives a lil' Deadpool a hug for a new on-set photo

Monday morning started off with a bang as Ryan Renolds took to his personal Twitter account to post a much-anticipated and official look at Josh Brolin as the time traveling badass, Cable. Later that same day, a full-body shot was shared and comic fans everywhere lost their collective minds!

Today, Reynolds has posted yet another photo of Brolin's Cable on the set of DEADPOOL 2. This image features the time manipulating pet project of villain geneticist, Mister Sinister, enjoying some down time with what looks to be an adolescent Deadpool.

You can check out the tweet and photo for yourself below:

Hmm, could the child in the red pajamas maybe play a part in the events of the film to come, or is this simply a fan who'd wandered onto the set? While my instinct is telling me that it's the latter, the Deadpool comics have been known to feature a smaller version of the character as the Merc with a Mouth's nagging conscience, every now and again. Imagine for a moment if Ryan Reynolds and DEADPOOL 2 director David Leitch decided to go really balls-to-the wall with this sequel, and that breaking the fourth wall was only the start to Deadpool's on-screen antics. It's like the New York State Lottery slogan suggests, "Hey, you never know."

DEADPOOL 2 will wisecrack and slash its way into theaters beginning on June 1, 2018

Extra Tidbit: Would you look at those arms? Holy shit! I suppose all of those spring stretches Brolin performed while on the set of THE GOONIES really have paid off.
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