Judd Apatow's Knocked Up spinoff might have a title

Comedy spin-offs don't often seem like good ideas, but when I heard Judd Apatow was planning one? I thought it sounded alright.

The Rudd/Mann couple from KNOCKED UP certainly were one of the most entertaining parts of that movie, and a comedy about their further adventures doesn't seem like the worst idea ever.

The project has long been untitled, but Coming Soon is reporting that we might now know what it's called. The rumored title is now THIS IS FORTY, and reminds us that yes, despite his boyish looks, Paul Rudd is indeed 41.

This is probably going to be a bit autobiographical, seeing as Apatow himself is 43, and the other three fourths of the cast are his own wife and children, Leslie Mann and his two daughters, Iris and Maude.

As someone who hated FUNNY PEOPLE, but loved pretty much everything else Apatow's done, I'm looking forward to seeing how the project develops as he returns back to his comfort zone.

Extra Tidbit: He lost a few points for his unfunny badmouthing of Ricky Gervais though.
Source: ComingSoon



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