Julianne Moore joins Jeff Bridges in The Seventh Son

I hadn't heard of this project until just now, but with Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges taking roles in THE SEVENTH SON, it's probably something to watch. We missed the memo of Bridges taking the role of demon hunter Master Gregory and...wait, demon hunter? What's this about anyway?

The Seventh Son is based on The Spook's Apprentice, the first of Joseph Delaney's kid's fantasy Wardstone Chronicles. It involves farmboy Tom, who can see the supernatural, and embarks on his exorcising adventures when he comes under the tutelage of Gregory. Mother Malkin is their first major adversary, although it's not the first time Gregory has encountered her: he buried her in a pit covered with magic-countering iron bars years before.

And so Moore has just taken the Mother Malkin part. The role of Tom was said to be going to Alex Pettyfer and Malkin's daughter to Jennifer Lawrence, but both actors are reportedly no longer circling the project, as I can't write an article these days without one or both of their names coming up as being sought out for some potential project.

Warner Bros. is looking to fill the void that Harry Potter will leave in their release slate, and are hoping the Wardstone Chronicles might be it. I haven't read any of them (or even heard of this series until now), but are there any fans out there that can shed some light on this franchise?

Extra Tidbit: The Spook's Apprentice? Umm...



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