Justin Kurzel reveals where he'd like an Assassin's Creed sequel to go

Assassin's Creed 2016 Justin Kurzel sequel

A sequel to ASSASSIN'S CREED isn't yet in the books, but, as with any film, if ASSASSIN'S CREED performs well, there's no reason to think that this will be the last we see of Ubisoft's world of assassins on the big-screen. The series of games on which the upcoming film is based has explored many different periods in history including the Crusades and the American Revolution, but director Justin Kurzel has a much different time period in store for the potential ASSASSIN'S CREED sequel. While speaking with Premiere (via Dark Horizons), Kurzel revealed that he would like to set the sequel during the Cold War in 1950's America.

I thought about maybe not going too far back, maybe into, like, the ’50’s in America. You know, I think that could be a really interesting period around the Cold War. Traditionally, I think they’ve gone back further than that. Recent history is something I’m quite interested in. You can definitely kind of do a film-noir thing to it.

That's certainly delving into much more recent history than any of the games have and it would definitely make for a very different film. Even if ASSASSIN'S CREED does merit a sequel, that's no guarantee that it will revolve around the Cold War, but it's interesting to get a peek at where it could go. As for the Michael Fassbender flick, Kurzel also elaborated a little on why he chose the Spanish Inquisition as its setting.

I think there’s great scope there to kind of go into. I think you have to go into volatile points of history, that’s why The Spanish Inquisition work so well, because you got something the assassins could rally against in terms of the religious persecution that was going on there.

ASSASSIN'S CREED will hit theaters on December 21st.

What would you make of a Cold War-era ASSASSIN'S CREED sequel? If it's not to your taste, what other period in history would you like to see explored?



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