Justin Lin still attached to Terminator but will direct Fast Six next

Justin Lin found himself in the enviable position of becoming one of the hottest directors in Hollywood after FAST FIVE became a critical and commercial success earlier this summer. Pretty much every upcoming franchise wanted him to direct their upcoming project. He was approached about DIE HARD 5 (he passed), a HIGHLANDER reboot (also a pass) and a fifth TERMINATOR film, which Lin happily is developing at Universal.

Lin is still hard at work on TERMINATOR telling The Playlist that he met with James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger earlier this week to brainstorm ideas for the film. But while he's still got TERMINATOR on the brain, it won't be his next film. That's reserved for FAST SIX or whatever they'll call the upcoming sixth FAST AND THE FURIOUS film.

Why return for another go at the FAST franchise? Lin says he was worried about the lack of creative control moving onto another franchise (DIE HARD, for example). Besides, as he told Movieline, he's already got 12-minutes of FAST SIX already pre-vizzed (is that a word?) and ready to go.

It's impressive to see a guy interested in finishing his run on a popular franchise and not just taking the big bucks to do something else. I'd love to see his take on TERMINATOR but agree that it's a way off and would love for all parties to really spend some time making sure they get it right. Because who needs yet another crappy TERMINATOR film?



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