Kane/Lynch director is...

"Kane and Lynch: Dead Men," the Xbox 360/Playstation 3 video game, isn't even set for release until this Christmas season but the movie adaptation already has a director. Jieho Lee, who recently wrapped the indie drama THE AIR I BREATHE, has signed on to direct KANE AND LYNCH for Lionsgate. Lee is a surprising choice, but a pleasantly surprising one. BREATHE, his feature directing debut, stars Forest Whitaker, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kevin Bacon and Brendan Fraser and deals with the four emotions of life according to a Chinese proverb (happiness, pleasure, sorrow and love). So it's not your usual MTV-style director we're used to getting for these types of films. I wish more productions would be this bold... Lee is currently working on a draft of the script with his BREATHE co-writer Bob DeRosa and Lionsgate is fasttracking the production with hopes to begin filming this fall. Producers Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter are currently filming on HITMAN, which just so happens to be from the creators of "Kane and Lynch."

Extra Tidbit: Lee has a blog you can read but no mention of KANE AND LYNCH yet.
Source: Variety



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