Kate Hudson ass-grab

I think the next book that I will attempt to write will concentrate solely on the wicked ass that actress Kate Hudson possesses. If you haven't seen the evidence yourself in a variety of her films, check this shit out! Heck, I might even dedicate a couple of chapters to her mom's ass, Goldie Hawn (rent BIRD ON A WIRE and thank me later). But I digress. Today, we received a raunchy little clip from her next film entitled MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRL, which co-stars Dane Cook (people still giving this guy leading roles?) and Jason Biggs (the pie-f*cker).

If for any other reason, you should check out the 1-minute clip because it features Cook's character calling Hudson a "pity-f*ck" (story of my life) and grabbing her ass rather firmly at one point (tough gig, dude). She then proceeds to grab his nuts, etc and so forth. The movie will likely stink to high-heavens upon its release on September 19th, but at least we can all look back and remember this fun clip.

Extra Tidbit: Ever since 2003's HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS, Hudson has starred in a number of flops including ALEX & EMMA, LE DIVORCE, RAISING HELEN, THE SKELETON KEY, YOU, ME AND DUPREE and FOOLS' GOLD. Maybe it's time to stop dating every guy in Hollywood and concentrate on the scripts you choose? Just saying...
Source: JoBlo Video



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