Kathleen Kennedy leaves Jurassic Park 4 as producer, film still on target for 2014

File this news under "duh" since there was little chance of her staying on board, but Kathleen Kennedy has left JURASSIC PARK IV as producer. Deadline reports that her husband, Frank Marshall, tweeted the news.

@LeDoctor: Ms. Kennedy has moved onto Star Wars and will not be producing JP4. She’s traded raptors for TIE fighters.

JURASSIC PARK IV was announced last year as locking into a release date of June 13, 2014 with Kennedy/Marshall producing as they had with the prior entries in the series. Steven Spielberg is attached as executive producer. The script being used comes from Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver who wrote RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. No cast or director has been named.

It is unclear if JURASSIC PARK 4 will follow the previously leaked plot involving human/dinosaur hybrids fighting the war on drugs or a more traditional sequel returning us to the island home of the prehistoric beasts.

Kathleen Kennedy has her hands full as new president of Lucasfilm as she brings the STAR WARS saga back to the big screen. I would assume anything she was working on with her husband will be taken off her plate as she focuses on EPISODE VII and beyond.

Source: Deadline



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