Keanu Reeves is back in the badass final poster and trailer for John Wick

John Wick Keanue Reeves Action Banner

JOHN WICK has definitely been a surprise for many of us. While there is a great love for the films of Keanu Reeves, the guy has been on a bad streak for a while. JOHN WICK could easily have been the next direct to Redbox action movie starring a former A-list actor, but lo and behold, it is pretty damn good.

Filmmaker and stuntman Chad Stahelski and David Leitch took to Reddit for an AMA session about JOHN WICK and also brought with them a new poster and trailer ahead of the film's release later this month. Basically a condensed version of the previous trailer, this new preview contains some new action footage and a couple of great lines of dialogue.

While I don't see JOHN WICK going up to $100 million at the box office, stranger things have happened. This could easily be the next TAKEN and open up a new period in Keanu Reeves' career. Plus, we have Willem Dafoe and Ian McShane, and that ain't bad at all.

JOHN WICK opens fire on October 24th.

"I once saw him kill three men...with a pencil."

Keanu Reeves Action John Wick 2014 Action Poster

Source: Reddit



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