Kellan Lutz has met with McG about a role in Masters of the Universe

Masters of the Universe McG Kellan Lutz Banner

At the start of the year, we brought you word that director McG (TERMINATOR SALVATION, 3 DAYS TO KILL) was in talks to direct Sony's MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE reboot, and it sounds like he has landed the gig, based on a recent tweet by THE LEGEND OF HERCULES and THE EXPENDABLES 3 actor Kellan Lutz. Late last week, Lutz took to his Twitter account to reveal that he has met with the filmmaker and producer Mary Viola about the planned film.

Lutz didn't specify which role he is up for, but the assumption is that he's being eyed to play He-Man. Shortly after the actor revealed he had a meeting about the project, Lutz fan Lisa Davis shared an image of what he'd look like as "The Most Powerful Man in the Universe." Do you want Lutz to play He-man, or would you rather see a different actor in the role?

Sony hasn't set a release date yet for MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, but we should be hearing more about it in the near future since McG has been having meetings about the movie.

Source: Twitter



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