Kermit and Jason Segel move on to different projects

If you thought Kermit was sad when Tiny Tim died in MUPPET'S CHRISTMAS CAROL, wait till he hears this news. THE MUPPETS was the great comeback film that we all hoped it would be. A fair share of that success belongs to actor, and co-writer Jason Segel. Today Vulture is reporting that Disney will move ahead with a sequel to the 2011 film, but that Segel will not be returning as a writer.

THE MUPPETS director James Bobin, and co-writer Nicholas Stoller have signed a deal to return to the franchise. The reported reason for Segel not returning is because of his commitments to his CBS sitcom HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, and other film projects to which that he is already commited.

Segel's involvement with the franchise was a dream project for him, and his 2008 film, FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL included a love-letter of sorts to the Muppets in the form of a Dracula musical with puppets. One of the funniest scenes of that film. Segel was instrumental to getting THE MUPPETS made, and campaigned for years in support of reviving the characters.

No other details have been announced, but if the film turns out to be a direct sequel to THE MUPPETS, it is always possible that Jason Segel could still appear in the film.

Extra Tidbit: And how cool is it that we can now say that the Muppets have won an Oscar?
Source: Vulture



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