Kevin Feige hopes that Guardians of the Galaxy won't feel like Green Lantern in terms of CG

I thought this was interesting because it brings up CG in comic films as well as the disappointment of GREEN LANTERN (for most). Why are they being brought together? Kevin Feige made comments on how the CG in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will be in comparison to other comic films as well as GREEN LANTERN.

This was the exchange with Io9.com and Feige:

Io9: For Guardians of the Galaxy, that’s a movie that’s going to have a fair amount of CGI, with the alien creatures in space. And how do you prevent that from going the Green Lantern route?

Feige: Well the same way, Iron Man 3 has as much CG as any movie we’ve ever made, and I hope it doesn’t feel like Green Lantern. And it’s all about the aesthetic you go for and already we have an art department as impressive as any art department I’ve ever seen in London on Guardians. And it’s, you know, designing things and believing that they’re real when part of the team’s made up of a raccoon and a tree.

As we already know, GUARDIANS for 95% will take place in space. So you can see where the CG aspect might be a little troubling. If you go overboard then it's automatically a shitty disappointment. But we've done movies that involve space and other worlds, and quite a few of those came out spectacularly. I'm really rooting for this film to do well.

What will be the key to GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY being a success?

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