Kevin Smith says Aquaman looks like the "truest comic book movie ever"

Kevin Smith loves a good comic book movie and has no problem gushing about it when he sees a character getting the proper big screen treatment. In the case of AQUAMAN he doesn’t even need to see the whole movie to know it’s nailed the costumes and style of the comics, and already thinks the movie could be one of the most faithful comic book adaptations yet.

Like the rest of the sane world, Smith had his eyes affixed to the Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con this past weekend, waiting anxiously for the first AQUAMAN trailer. He wasn’t disappointed in what he saw and then took to his Fatman on Batman podcast (with Marc Bernardin) to gush about everything he loved about the trailer, especially Aquaman/Arthur Curry’s (Jason Momoa) super duds.

I mean, this sounds so stupid that I didn't think they'd do it, but they're giving Aquaman the orange shirt in that movie man! Like they show images of him and it's not like an orange t-shirt but it's like armored and it looks like a superhero costume but it is that orange, whatever you would call it f****** tone man, it was...it made me so happy today!

He then took his praise even further, saying, “This s*** looks like the truest comic book movie ever made like it really hones close to the Aquaman universe I know and the look of the Aquaman universe I know.”

The AQUAMAN trailer, and even the one for SHAZAM! (my personal favorite), received widespread acclaim coming out of Comic-Con, with folks praising the former for its action-packed content and tremendous visuals. Like Smith, people seem psyched about seeing Curry in his comic-faithful costume, sporting the orange chest armor and green pants.

The trailer for that movie was quite spectacular, and you can see director James Wan and Co. did an excellent job of creating an underwater universe with a look and feel all its own. I agree with Smith in that it looks like they made an effort to stay true to the comics while bringing their own ideas to the table, creating something fans will recognize but still be surprised by. Like with WONDER WOMAN last year I’m excited to see a bright, colorful, adventurous solo outing from DC. And it gets me hungry for seafood, which is also a good thing. 

AQUAMAN is in theaters December 21.



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