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UPDATE: The book's publisher contacted us and, as expected, the actual release date of the book is further out -- now listed as January 26,2010 (the movie's release date remains TBD). Also, the updated cover art is below.

It's currently in post-production, but we have no idea when KICK-ASS will actually hit screens. The flick from director Matthew Vaughn (LAYER CAKE, STARDUST), adapted from Mark Miller's comic series, was independently financed and has not announced studio ties, distribution plans or release dates.

Still, KICK-ASS: THE MOVIE BOOK is already up for pre-order on Amazon, with a supposed release date of September 22nd. Assuming that's accurate, could that be a hint to the time frame of when the movie might arrive?

The book description: "Kick-Ass", the bestselling comic book series by Mark Millar (writer of the graphic novel "Wanted", which became a smash-hit movie) and artist John Romita Jr., is now an eagerly awaited film, and this is the essential companion book! What would happen if you tried to be a superhero? What would happen when an ordinary kid in a spandex costume comes face-to-face with the criminal underworld? Comic book fan and high school student Dave Lizewski, aka the self-styled vigilante Kick-Ass, is about to find out...and it's going to get really, really violent! With Mark Millar as your guide, "Kick-Ass: The Movie Book" gives you the lowdown on the making of the film, with eye-popping art from the original comics, script extracts and hundreds of movie photos! It is suitable for adults only.

Click the cover below to pre-order. Thanks to 'napa' for the heads up!

Extra Tidbit: Mr. Ravenblade, Crimson Fist, Geist and Dark Guardian are some of the real-life costumed superheroes fighting crime on our streets. Don't believe me? Read about it RIGHT HERE
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