Kilowog might have a voice in Michael Clarke Duncan

Our friends over at Latino Review are reporting that they've heard from a few sources that Michael Clarke Duncan is being pursued to voice Kilowog in the upcoming GREEN LANTERN.

Nothing's official yet, but certainly the dude sounds (and for that matter looks) the part, so it's an easy match to see if it does turn out to be the case.

But is it just me, or does it seem kind of late to just now be finding a voice actor for this part? I get that filming has wrapped, and Kilowog is an entirely CGI creation, but it would seem to be bit a bit late, no? Though I guess the film doesn't actually come out until June.

Think John Coffey is a good fit here? I can't imagine there would be any protest if this came to fruition. Are you guys excited for GREEN LANTERN as a whole? How about compared to CAPTAIN AMERICA, THOR and FIRST CLASS?

Extra Tidbit: That CGI Lantern suit still just irks me every time I see it.
Source: Latino Review



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