Kingsman's Sofia Boutella to play female lead in Star Trek 3

In an awesome bit of casting news, STAR TREK 3 has found it's first new cast-member. Sofia Boutella, who most recently played the blade-legged Gazelle in Matthew Vaughn's KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, will join the scifi sequel in a lead role. Details beyond that are scarce, but I would expect that whether she be friend or foe she will likely end up in some sort of lip-lock with Chris Pine's Captain Kirk.

The Justin Lin-directed sequel to STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS has been ramping up in recent weeks with everyone from Bryan Cranston to Idris Elba named as potential cast for the movie. Simon Pegg took over scripting duties from the departed Roberto Orci and promises a return to the tone and format of the classic STAR TREK television series.

Sofia Boutella has served primarily as a dancer in her career and has worked extensively in music videos for Jamiroquai, Madonna, Chris Brown, and more. Her acting career took off last year with a role in MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT followed by her breakout in KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE just a few months ago. Whatever her role may be, I would expect her physicality to have been a factor in her hiring which blows open the possibilities on who she could play.

STAR TREK 3 is slated to film this year and is set to debut in theaters on July 8, 2016.

Source: Deadline



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