Kung Fu remake?

Kung Fu Talk of yet another TV show being remade into a feature film is enough to induce anyone's gag reflex but hearing David Carradine discuss the possibility of a "Kung Fu" remake is, at least to me, strangely compelling. He recently told Dan Epstein over at "Suicide Girls": I know there's talk at Warner Bros about doing a feature version of Kung Fu and they're talking about going back and telling the original pilot movie story over again with a young actor. It would have to be a young actor because he's studying up at the monastery. He starts out as child and a teenager." Appparently, original "Kung Fu" producers Ed Spielman and Howard Friedlander had announced in June of last year that a film was indeed in the works and that it would indeed be a prequel to the original series but that Carradine would not be involved and that it wouldn't be an effects-heavy film. That's all well and good but dude, why no Carradine love? Did they not see KILL BILL? The guy clearly still has the Kung Fu chops, why they gotta be all "Carradine can kiss our hairy rolling in piles of Kung Fu residuals money ass!"? Get the rest of Carradine's interview with Epstein over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: There have been two previous TV movies - KUNG FU: THE MOVIE and KUNG FU: THE NEXT GENERATION.
Source: Suicide Girls



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