Kurt Russell, Peter Sarsgaard, and Richard Jenkins join horror-western Bone Tomahawk

Screenwriter S. Craig Zahler, who penned the black-list script THE BRIGANDS OF BATTLEBORGE with director Park Chan-Wook attached to helm, is lining up his own directorial effort with BONE TOMAHAWK, described as a horror-western.  Zahler has a solid cast lined up for the pic, including Kurt Russell, Peter Sarsgaard, Richard Jenkins, and Jennifer Carpenter. 

The brutally violent, character-driven story involves a Sheriff (Russell) who enlists a cowboy (Sarsgaard) and an old man (Jenkins) to rescue a group of captives (Carpenter included) from a batch of cave-dwelling cannibals. 

To me, this has shades of THE 13TH WARRIOR, THE DESCENT, mixed with cowboy hats and six shooters. You could always say it reminds you of COWBOYS AND ALIENS, but I don't get that vibe as that was hardly character driven or brutally violent.  Ultimately, this sounds like a very promising project and Zahler's scripts being as hot as they are it'll be interesting to see how well they turn out on the big screen. 

BONE TOMAHAWK is prepping to shoot in Spring 2013 with a release date to be announced.

Extra Tidbit: Cannibals! Westerns! Violence! Snake Plisskin! Oh My!
Source: Variety



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