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Can't say I ever was a fan of DJ Qualls, without hating him either- I've always been quite content to just ignore him. Probably because he reminds me too much of my skinny self... But I have to say this little trailer brought forth by the good folks of Quiet Earth instantly made me feel he's been horribly underrated all this time. If only by me.

Vald Yudin's indie dark comedy LAST DAY OF SUMMER sees Qualls as a burger flipper who goes FALLING DOWN (with some level of incompetence) when reaching saturation from abuses by his boss and just about everyone around him. Absolutely cool to see Bill Sadler flex his acting chops a little bit, AND Nikki Reed get away from shiny-skinned vampires. She's much too gorgeous and talented to stay in Kristen Stewart's shadow.

Here's that trailer right down there, with sadly no clear release detail; it's an indie after all, so might have to wait for DVD God knows when.

Extra Tidbit: I'd be curious to see the original "Reaper" pilot with Nikki Reed in lieu of Missy Peregrym. AND to know why she was replaced.
Source: Quiet Earth



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