Lauren Schuler Donner updates X-Men 4 and Deadpool

There are many Marvel flagship films on the horizon between CAPTAIN AMERICA, THOR, FIRST CLASS, WOLVERINE and the SPIDER-MAN reboot, but there are two that most think are falling by the wayside.

But producer Lauren Schuler Donner says in the latest issue of Empire (via The Playlist) that X-MEN 4 and DEADPOOL are still both in the works, and has updates for each.

“We took the treatment to Fox and they love it… And X4 leads into X5."

Not a huge item, but it means we'll be seeing more full-fledged, origin-less X-Men stories for years to come. She had quite a bit more to say about DEADPOOL.

“It’s a total reboot…,” Donner notes, adding “it’s insane, it’s definitely comedy. But it’s an R script, it’s really irreverent and violent. Right away, we’re out of the X-Men world."

Well that's certainly good news, so long as it stays that way. How about its fabled star, Ryan Reynolds, currently swamped with a million other projects?

“He’s very involved, Ryan. He’s working with the writers on the screenplay and it is as much as it is ours,” Donner said adding, “I’m tellin’ ya, it’s true to the comic. You’ll see all of them. You’ll see Wade Wilson, the good-looking Ryan Reynolds! You’ll see Deadpool in his costume and you’ll see the cancer-scarred face.”

More good news! Damn, I'm not used to writing things like this. Let's just hope all of it comes to pass.

Extra Tidbit: Reynolds would be a fool to do something like R.I.P.D. over a full-on Deadpool movie. Now, who to direct? I vote Edgar Wright.
Source: The PlaylistEmpire



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