Lena Headey wonders why the [email protected] she hasn't been cast as Catwoman yet

 After all this news around the making of the BATMAN movie, I just wanna know what the hell it’s going to be about. Not just that but who’s in it, what kind of arc it will take from, where Bats is at emotionally, etc. Frankly, I just want something that’s gonna stir up the pot. How about the casting of Catwoman/Selina Kyle? That would be cool. Oh, look what I have here. Thanks to a little exchange on Twitter, GAME OF THRONES star Lena Headey brought up an interesting point recently, which is why the [email protected] hasn’t she been cast as Catwoman yet?

It’s just a playful little tweet and by no means any confirmation she’s even up for the role, but it’s a vulgar, fun way of throwing her name into the ring. Though most famous to the world for THRONES, she’s done some awesome work on movies like DREDD and even has a relationship with Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. with 300. Clearly she's game, and she’s the right age to mesh with Ben Affleck’s Batman, making any past they have in this universe totally believable.

Like I said, this is just means for an engaging what-if scenario, but it’s actually a really exciting possibility. I can totally buy Headey getting into some sort of cat suit to give the Bat a run got his money. She’s fierce, sexy and more than capable of giving a layered, mysterious performance. Not a lot of names have been dropped in regards to the characters casting, but if Warner Bros. is paying attention this is the place to start.

Source: Twitter



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