Liam Hemsworth to build a time machine in Timeless

HemsworthVintageLiam Hemsworth is quite the rising star, a fact that will surely be cemented with THE HUNGER GAMES (March 23rd) and THE EXPENDABLES 2 (August 17th). Not content to rest on the genre laurels he's accruing, Hemsworth has already prepped another project by signing on to a movie called TIMELESS wherein he would play "a young man who, haunted by unresolved issues between himself and his late wife, uses the money his wife left him to build a time-travel device so he can see her a final time."  Scripted by Bill Kelly, the guy behind ENCHANTED, the movie will be directed by Phillip Noyce (SALT, RABBIT-PROOF FENCE).  This is a change of pace for Noyce as he was last attached to the submarine thriller HUNTER KILLER, though Hemsworth is no stranger to stories of desperate romance having done THE LAST SONG with Miley Cyrus.

I am actually a bit intrigued by this project in the sense of wondering what "seeing her a final time" will entail. Will he just pop back and say "Hey, hello, still love you babe" and then peace out? I don't know.  What I do know is that time travel can be awfully hard to get in any way right, so at the very least I'm curious to see how they deal with the science side of things.  Or how they don't.

Extra Tidbit: Are you sold on the Hemsworth Bros? With Chris as Thor and Liam in the above movies + Arabian Nights, they're really spreading themselves across public consciousness and genre properties.
Source: Movie Hole



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