Liam Neeson to reteam with Martin Scorsese for Silence

After two decades and some final legal hurdles, Martin Scorsese is ready to film his adaptation of the novel SILENCE and has now found another lead for the movie. While we heard a while back that Ken Watanabe and Andrew Garfield would star in the movie, Scorsese has landed his GANGS OF NEW YORK actor, Liam Neeson. Production is set to begin in Taiwan later this year.

Liam Neeson has been a hot commodity since his career was reborn with TAKEN back in 2008. Prior to that film, Neeson was looked at as a dramatic actor thanks to brilliant turns in SCHINDLER'S LIST, ROB ROY, and LES MISERABLES. After starring in STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE, Neeson faded a bit until he was rebranded as an action and comedy star. While Neeson is happy to appear in flicks like NON-STOP and UNKNOWN as well as the upcoming shoot for TAKEN 3, SILENCE will be a return to Oscar-caliber filmmaking.

When Garfield was cast, we learned this about the film.

"Garfield will star as Father Rodrigues, a 17th-century Portuguese Jesuit who travels to Japan with a fellow priest amid rumors that Rodrigues’ mentor has abandoned the Church. It is a moment of religious persecution in the Asian nation, with Christians forced to practice their faith clandestinely. Watanabe will portray the priests’ interpreter, alongside a Japanese cast that includes Issei Ogata (who played Emperor Hirohito in Alexander Sokurov’s The Sun)"

I would assume that Neeson will be playing Garfield's fellow priest. Scorsese is known for assembling strong casts and has a keen eye for period drama. He has never ventured to Japan but has explored Asia in films like KUNDUN. While SILENCE is being billed as a historical drama, there are thriller elements to the novel as well.

I would never doubt Scorsese's vision, especially for a story he has been pursuing for two decades. SILENCE is already at the top of my must see lists, whenever it gets released.

Source: Deadline



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