Lilly goes Afterwards

Few "Lost" stars have made the transition to films despite the show's success. Matthew Fox recently starred in WE ARE MARSHALL and Naveen Andrews had a small role in GRINDHOUSE but beyond that, not much. Evangeline Lilly is looking to make her feature debut in the upcoming thriller AFTERWARDS. Lilly will return to her Canadian home to film the movie, which follows a man who meets a doctor who claims to be able to predict when people will die. Also starring in the film is John Malkovich who will play the creepy (natch) doctor. French director Gilles Bourdos will step behind the camera to direct. Shooting on the film will begin this summer while "Lost" is on hiatus. Meanwhile, "Lost" has come back with a vengeance no? A little lull earlier this season but (Nikki and Paulo aside) we're cooking with bacon these days. And from what little I know about the upcoming episodes, it's only gonna get better! I'd talk more but I hate to be the spoiler...

Extra Tidbit: Lilly is dating her "Lost" co-star and former LORD OF THE RINGS star Dominic Monahan.



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