Lin-Manuel Miranda sings in beautiful new Moana clip

MOANA, the story of a young girl going on an adventure with a hulking demigod, is promising to not only be a visual marvel but also a musical feast for the ears. We got a taste of one of the songs not long ago sung by Dwayne Johnson, who will be playing the aforementioned demigod, Maui. HAMILTON creator Lin-Manuel Miranda has lent his talents to the movie by creating some of its music, and now the man himself gets his time to shine in this new clip from the movie that features the song “We Know The Way” by Miranda and Opetaia Foa‘i which has been featured in a trailer or two for the movie.

Have a look and a listen below!

The music is buoyant and blends together nicely with the superb visuals, offering a rousing glimpse at what's to come when the movie is released. Miranda has proven through his Broadway musical, and even a stint on SNL, that he has an incredible ear for music, and that ear mixed with the stunning visuals from the movie are ensuring MOANA will be a must-see come the end of the month. I mean, I'm sure people will be expecting me to stay at home and have Thanksgiving dinner with my family, but with silky vocals and wondrous images like this my family will have dinner alone and like it.

MOANA will set sail on November 23.



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