Lionsgate wants a sequel to The Cabin in the Woods, says Drew Goddard

After sitting on a shelf for several years due to MGM's financial difficulties, Drew Goddard's gleefully imaginative take on horror movie tropes was finally released in 2012 after being rescued by Lionsgate. THE CABIN IN THE WOODS didn't make any huge waves at the box office, but it did strike a chord with critics and horror fans alike and has since developed a large following. While speaking with Den of Geek during the press tour for THE MARTIAN, Drew Goddard revealed that Lionsgate has approached Joss Whedon and himself about a sequel.

The studio wants to do it. They’ve come to us. The funny part is, I don’t think we planned that movie to do a sequel, you know?

If you haven't watched THE CABIN IN THE WOODS yet, you might want to go do that because we're about to enter spoiler territory; I'll try to keep things vague. Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon always intended THE CABIN IN THE WOODS to be a one-shot, and as he mentioned above, a sequel was never really in the cards.

We did suggest that the ending of the first film doesn't exactly leave too many open ends, it doesn't. But that being said, the fun thing about Cabin is, the rules are pretty crazy. We get away with a lot of crazy stuff. So, I'm sure we could figure it out if we got inspired to. I know Joss and I both feel like we don't want to tarnish what we did with the first one. With a sequel, we'd only do it if it made us laugh hard enough, I suppose.

So while the studio may want a sequel, it sounds like whether or not it actually happens is being left up to the film's creators; imagine that. Drew Goddard mentioned that there aren't any concrete ideas for a sequel in place but "the way Joss and I work, we might wake up tomorrow and go, 'let's go do that,' or whatever." Despite the film's ending, there are definitely threads which could be picked up in a sequel, but whether or not the team would be able to top the first film and avoid treading the same ground feels like a tall order.

Is a sequel to THE CABIN IN THE WOODS something you'd like to see, or should the first film remain untouched?

Source: Den of Geek



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