Comic Con: Top 10 Best Overall Costumes

If there's one thing that Comic-Con events around the globe are the most known for, it has to be the costumes that fans wear. Every year fans push the limits of awesome by creating very accurate costumes of their favorite sci-fi/fantasy/comic book characters or even take several elements and combine them into one outfit. It's to the point now where some costumes are so good that they might as well have come right off of a big-budget movie set. There were so many awesome costumes that I'd damn near need a top 100 list to cover them all. With that in mind I'm here to count down our top 10 favorite costumes/disguises at Comic-Con 2013.

#1 - Bryan Cranston with the Walter White mask

There's no question who won best costume this year and that's none other than Heisenberg himself, Mr. Bryan Cranston. On top of pretty much owning both the GODZILLA and BREAKING BAD panels this year and once again being crowned the king of Hall H, Bryan decided to wear a creepily accurate mask of his character Walter White from BREAKING BAD and roam the convention floor. He took photos all over the convention center and then revealed it was actually him during the BREAKING BAD panel. This just elevates Bryan to an even higher level of bad-ass and shows how much fun he loves to have with his fans.

#2 - The Robed Figures from Journey

Being that JOURNEY is one of my favourite video games of all-time, I absolutely lit up when I saw these two dressed up as the two robed figures and they looked amazing. As soon as I saw them on the floor, the Austin Wintory soundtrack started playing in my mind and I immediately felt a sense of peace and serenity. If you haven't played this game yet and you have a PS3, you really need to try it at least once for one of the most unique and breathtaking game experience you'll ever have in your life.

#3 - The Predator

This year at Comic-Con, Fox was hosting a gigantic exhibit in the middle of the convention floor to advertise the release of an upcoming 3D Blu-Ray version of Arnold Schwarzenegger's original alien classic coming later this year. In the center of that exhibit was a guy in an awesome Predator costume who was posing with fans and also roaming the floors to scare people which was great. I've been a die hard Predator fan since I was a little kid so seeing him on the floor was a big treat. As for the 3D release of the movie...I hope they release a 2D version as well.

#4 - Harley Quinn

I can't imagine a single comic book fan/red-blooded male on this planet who wouldn't give anything to rev their Harley just once and this particular beauty has pulled off one of the best Harley Quinn's cosplay's I've ever seen. From the "Bang" pop gun flag to the overall costume, she's nailed it and I'm always reminded of just how popular Harley has always been since her creation in BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES (best cartoon show EVER!).

#5 - Pyramid Head

There's no doubt about it that when it comes to video game villains, there's very few that can top Pyramid Head. He is literally the representation of punishment and pain and a main antagonist of the SILENT HILL series. So when I saw this guy outside the convention center dressed as him, I knew he'd make my top list as I'm a massive fan of the mythology of the character and lets face it, he's not an easy character to get right in terms of the costume. I think this guy pulled it off very well though and you can almost guarantee every year that someone else will show up as the big man.

#6 - Yaya Han as the Baroness and Scarlet Witch

When you come to Comic-Con, you can almost guarantee you'll run into the beautiful and talented Yaya Han at some point as she's pretty tough to miss. A professional costume designer and artistic model, Yaya shows up every year to Comic-Con and dresses up as a new character each night and this year was seen mainly as the Baroness from G.I. JOE and Scarlet Witch. Not only does she look incredibly sexy but the outfits themselves are very professional and well-made and the fact that she's always posing for her fans is a big plus.

#7 - Bumblebee from Transformers

Out of all the Transformers characters to be showcased on the Comic-Con floor, there's no question that Bumblebee is the most popular one to dress as and this year was no exception as there were at least two or three Bumblebee's on the floor that all looked great. This one however was my favorite as he had several moving parts on the mask and arm components as well as flashing LED's and sound. I was really impressed with the costume hence it makes the top 10 for this year. Transform and roll out!

#8 - Zombie outside the Con

This was an awesome little show that I came across outside the convention center where there were guys dressed as a guard and a protester who were warning everyone that soon the zombie apocalypse was coming. What really stood out though was the guy in full zombie make-up which was very well done and his "zombie acting" was also fantastic. It was to the point where one woman was too afraid to approach him. Great stuff!

#9 - War Machine

Remember when I mentioned at the beginning of this list about costumes that looked like they came right off a professional movie set? This is the perfect example of that as someone put together a stellar War Machine cosplay outfit complete with a huge shoulder cannon, LED lights and much more. The manufacturing is amazing and wish that I had one just like it or perhaps Iron Patriot to walk alongside him. Fantastic work!

#10 - Bilbo Baggins of the Shire

You can just hear Howard Shore's magical score when you look at this photo can't you? Oh yes you can believe that there were plenty of fans on the convention floor dressed as their favorite Hobbit/Lord of the Rings characters but this particular gem is the best in my opinion which has the fan dressed as Bilbo but also appearing to be riding his trusty steed. It was hilarious and awesome to see at the same time and definitely belongs in the top list. Go Bilbo!

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