Top 10 Cartoons That Would Make Great Movies

MR. PEABODY AND SHERMAN represents a rarity in modern Hollywood remakes: an animated film stays animated! With atrocious films like ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS and THE SMURFS merging live action and cartoons, many of our childhood favorites are sullied forever. But, there are countless cartoons that remain unadapted that would make amazing big screen features, live action or animated. Check out our picks and if yours didn't make the list, add it in the talk backs below.


Yes, there was a live action TV series, but we need a true big budget TICK movie! Patrick Warburton is still young enough that he could play the lead, but I am fine with recasting the role. We haven't seen a good big screen spoof of superhero movies since MYSTERY MEN and THE TICK would be a perfect plot. Even if it was an animated movie, I just want to see more of the big blue guy.


This always pops up on lists of shows that should be movies. THUNDERCATS remains the biggest 1980s cartoon that has not been adapted to live action. The reason baffles me as it is the perfect blend of fantasy, action, and scifi. There is an awesome fan made trailer floating out there that should go to show this adaptation is long overdue.


There have been rumors of a live action COWBOY BEBOP movie for years with nothing to show for it. But, imagine a live action movie that would serve as something like FIREFLY crossed with BLADE RUNNER and that would be COWBOY BEBOP. I would even settle for a television series with a good cast, but a big screen adventure would work really well with the concept and music. Hell, opening the ears of a whole generation to the jazzy soundtrack would be an accomplishment in and of itself.


Kaiju are popular again thanks to PACIFIC RIM and GODZILLA, so why not adapt the beloved series VOLTRON as a serious version of Power Rangers? How amazing would it be to see Voltron come together in a live action movie? I can imagine so many possibilities for a VOLTRON movie, all of which are extremely violent and not for kids.


While THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN may be a decent alternate without a new INDIANA JONES film, a JONNY QUEST movie would be a nice change of pace. Steven Spielberg has shown you don't have to melt Nazi faces to make a decent adventure movie so why not tackle a JONNY QUEST film. I would settle for a VENTURE BROS. movie, too.


What an awesome cartoon. Airing on MTV at the same time as AEON FLUX, THE MAXX is a super-violent and edgy animated series about a homeless man who becomes a hero in an alternate reality known as The Outback. There have been very few series as cool as this and it is a shame more people don't know about it. But, like SPAWN, THE MAXX has a dedicated fanbase that would love for a movie to get made. It may be too f*cked up for a studio, but someone make this one happen!


Superhero cartoons have been pretty damn good so far. Both THE INCREDIBLES and MEGAMIND are enjoyable odes to comic books that are sorely lacking in sequels. But, when classic cartoons like UNDERDOG are ruined on the big screen, movies like MIGHTY MOUSE never get made. If they were to make a movie of the very SUPERMAN-esque rodent character, I would recommend keeping it fully animated. Oh, and keep the theme song.


Remember this show? It was like TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES but with gargoyles! That sounds incredibly stupid, but the show was awesome. STAR TREK veteran Jonathan Frakes voiced the villainous David Xanatos while the iconic voice of Keith David played the hero Goliath. A live action or animated movie would be fine by me as long as the gargoyles themselves look as cool as possible.


Stylized and highly enjoyable for adults and kids, SAMURAI JACK is a family friendly post-apocalyptic adventure. I never thought I would write that sentence, but there it is. Action-packed, funny, and damn cool to watch, this is a series that could be amazing in live action but equally cool if kept animated. I would definitely be up for either option.


In the 1990s there was a spate of series like TALESPIN, DUCKTALES, and RESCUE RANGERS that brought a modern spin to classic character types from the Disney vault. All would make fun movies, but DARKWING DUCK would be the best. a cross between Batman and The Shadow, Darkwing Duck is both a buffoon and a genius and would look amazing updated in CGI.

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