Top 10 Most Powerful Big Screen Superheroes

A few weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly published a controversial ranking of the fifty most powerful comic book characters of all time. While EW had a rationale that involved all sorts of convoluted criteria to determine which heroes were more powerful/bankable than others, they seemed to be a bit off in regards to their logic. So, being a movie site, here is a much more specific list of superheroes that have appeared on the big screen. All of these characters are having their power based on what we have seem them capable of doing in the movies and what their weaknesses could be. Feel free to let us know if you disagree in the talk backs below and give us your ranking of the most powerful superheroes on the big screen.

#1 - Jean Grey/Phoenix

Surprised to see Jean Grey get the number one spot? Though never quite executed properly on the big screen, the abilities she demonstrates as the all-powerful Phoenix are more than enough to give Charles Xavier pause. If Professor X is the most powerful mutant on Earth and she surpasses him, that is incredible. If Apocalypse can be stopped by no one else but Jean and that is without her at her full potential, there is no one who has a chance against her.

#2 - Superman

Superman's weaknesses are few and far between, but not even death can stop the Kryptonian superhero. Having died twice in BATMAN V SUPERMAN, Kal-el is still kicking and able to come back for more. The only thing keeping Superman from the top spot here is his humble nature which often can betray his true abilities. Sure, he decimated an entire city with barely a blink of an eye, but the restraint he took from that event somewhat neuters where he could go next. But, as we have seen in Bruce Wayne's knightmare, if Supes ever got crossed, he would be an even more powerful villain.

#3 - Wolverine

Like Deadpool, Wolverine is virtually unkillable. But, unlike the Merc with the Mouth, Logan has grown over the course of nine X-Men films to become the most layered and vulnerable badass in comic book history. Maybe it is due to Hugh Jackman's brilliant performance, but Wolverine is one character who is capable of virtually anything and could easily take on any other character on this list.

#4 - Hulk

Another character who has proven to be even better in smaller doses, Bruce Banner's alter ego has gone from a forgettable green guy in two solo films to a fan favorite in THE AVENGERS franchise. Once we see Planet Hulk in the upcoming THOR: RAGNAROK, I have no doubt that we will see the ferocity and strength only hinted at in the MCU to date. Plus, he straight up punched Thor's ass to the mat and that says a lot.

#5 - Dr. Manhattan

Don't sleep on the Watchmen. Zack Snyder's adaptation of the classic graphic novel presents us with a range of characters that are vaguely reminiscent of mainstream heroes. But, Dr. Manhattan, the god-like result of an experiment gone wrong, is a frighteningly powerful being who exceeds virtually every other hero in scale and range. Still, there are limits to what he can and cannot do, but we have not seen nearly enough to know if that should make us feel safe or terrified.

#6 - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is essentially the female version of Thor but she comes with the added benefit of the humility the Asgardian warrior lacks. Diana was clearly the best part of BATMAN V SUPERMAN thanks to her smooth as silk demeanor and take no bullshit attitude. Wonder Woman is exactly that, a wonder, and it seems we will get to see even more of her assets in her upcoming solo film.

#7 - Thor

There are heroes and there are gods. Thor is beyond powerful thanks to his otherworldly skills and the custom power of Mjolnir. What Thor lacks in humility he makes up for in strategic thinking and sheer strength. In a fight, there are few who could match what Thor brings to the table and even fewer who could exceed that strength. A match between Thor and Superman would be a fight for the ages.

#8 - Captain America

In the MCU, Steve Rogers is capable of leaping large distances, battling foes of all shapes and sizes, and even holding a motherf*cking helicopter from flying away with his bare hands. Cap has been able to go toe to toe with Tony Stark in his powerful armor and even tango a bit with Thor. But, in the end, Steve is still a mortal man, albeit a very, very strong one. While his humanity and beliefs may be his strongest asset, make no mistake that Captain America is one of the most powerful heroes on the planet.

#9 - Deadpool

Deadpool cannot be killed and has nothing to fear which makes him incredibly dangerous. Sure, he has a love interest, but his insanity makes him a liability to superhero teams and infinitely more hazardous to his enemies. Plus, Wade Wilson doesn't think twice about killing anyone and that alone makes him a threat not to be underestimated.

#10 - Doctor Strange

Stephen Strange is just hitting the big screen for the first time this weekend but his power is already worthy of a spot on this list. While Strange himself may be mortal, the power he holds to manipulate dimensions and planes of existence puts him on a higher level than many superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Clearly, Strange will have a part to play different than virtually any character in the MCU aside from perhaps Vision.

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