Top 10 Will Ferrell Movie Roles of All Time

Will Ferrell returns to the big screen today alongside Kevin Hart for the prison comedy GET HARD and will try to keep his manic man-child brand of comedy alive. Ferrell has always been an acquired taste for many but he still manages to bring the laughs even in the smallest roles. This list represents our ten favorite Will Ferrell performances, leading or otherwise, from his big screen career. If your favorite didn't make the cut, be sure to let us know in the talk backs below.

#1 - ELF

Will Ferrell's best performance is one without profanity, male nudity, or anything like his other roles. This is his best role because of the absence of those things. Imbued with a wholesome nature, ELF plays up to what truly makes Will Ferrell a brilliant comedian while still letting him be wacky and unique. Jon Favreau's comedy is already a Christmas classic and for good reason. That reason is Will Ferrell.


I hated ANCHORMAN the first time I saw it but, like a lot of Ferrell's movies, it has grown to become a favorite. Maybe it is the sheer quotability of the film or the no holds barred insanity of what the film is about, but ANCHORMAN should have been a colossal failure and instead has become one of the most memorable movies of the last decade and a half. I don't have to say much more about this trademark Ferrell role that you don't already know.


We all consider him a funny man, but Will Ferrell has done some admirable dramatic work as well. STRANGER THAN FICTION may not be as serious a film as some, but Marc Forster's movie is a stirringly surreal film that is truly an underseen gem. Ferrell gives an understated performance that could be one of the best of his career and should be seen by more people. I am a bit biased as it was filmed in my neck of the woods, including scenes in one of my college professor's offices, but STRANGER THAN FICTION is a truly unique movie experience.


What could have been a cheap spoof of buddy cop movies actually proves that a subdued Ferrell is sometimes even funnier than a manic, off the wall Ferrell. Much like his partnership with John C. Reilly, Ferrell plays very well against Mark Wahlberg. The two bring out the best elements in each other. The entire running gag of Ferrell being sexy and his alter ego Gator is comedy gold.


After ANCHORMAN, it was going to be hard to top Ron Burgundy and TALLADEGA NIGHTS doesn't even try to. Instead, Ricky Bobby is an entirely unique character while still playing off of Will Ferrell's strength at playing idiots. Possibly the best sports related film that Ferrell has done, this movie has a bunch of great supporting characters who enhance Ferrell's performance immensely.


Putting Ferrell in a supporting role gave him the ability to go crazy without carrying the entire film. OLD SCHOOL feels more balanced some some of Ferrell's leading roles and that is thanks to straight men Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson. Overall, we still get some insane moments of comedy from Ferrell, but his best scenes are the ones where he doesn't have to put the pedal to the metal.


The chemistry between Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly is astounding and the two have proven they can play almost any combination of characters and it works when they share the screen. Here, the two play child-like adults locked in a battle for parental approval. Ferrell is great even when putting his nuts on Reilly's drums or performing as one-half of Prestige Worldwide.


This movie should not have worked and it barely did. Not even remotely close to being one of Will Ferrell's best movies, this is an insanely dedicated performance. Going into a film with a primarily Spanish-speaking cast and holding your own is a feat rarely attempted by actors in any genre. But, like his penchant for shedding his clothes, Will Ferrell does not give anything less than 100% to his performance here.


You know that it takes a lot to steal an entire movie in just a couple of minutes of screen time, but Ferrell manages to do it. In his cameo as Chaz, Ferrell flips the entire concept of the movie on it's side, giving Owen Wilson the motivation to go after the girl he loves. Plus, is there something as quotable as "Ma! The meatloaf!"


I hated ZOOLANDER the first time I watched it but with each new viewing I begin to enjoy it more and more. In fact, the first time I watched it, I didn't even realize Will Ferrell was Mugatu. His over the top effeminate performance as the villain is ridiculous in the best possible way and plays off of Ben Stiller very well.

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