Top 10 X-Men Who Need Their Own Movie

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST hits theaters today with the largest cast of superheroes ever assembled in a single film. With such a long history in comic book form, the X-Men have always had a huge roster to fill multiple teams. On the big screen, we have only seen spin-off films for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but there are many others as deserving of their own solo adventures. Here is our list of the ten most deserving, some of whom we have seen in the X-MEN movies and others who would be making their debut. See if you agree and, if not, voice your reasons in the talk back below.

#1 - Cyclops

James Marsden may not have been the perfect Cyclops, but he showed only a small percentage of just how much the character could be. There is so much that could be done with Scott Summers, with or without Jean Grey, that it is a shame he was killed off in THE LAST STAND. Someone needs to work some magic with time travel and bring Cyclops back because there is only so much leadership you can put on Wolverine before he snaps.

#2 - Cable

A member of the New Mutants and X-Force, there is a lot of room for Cable on the big screen. A leader very different than Xavier but also a good foil for Wolverine, Cable has a long and complicated past that would make for an intriguing origin story in a feature film. While the odds are high he will appear in the developing X-FORCE movie, I think Cable is more than capable of carrying his own movie.

#3 - Nightcrawler

Alan Cumming knocked the role of Nightcrawler out of the park in X2: X-MEN UNITED and it is a shame we haven't seen him since. In the comics, Nightcrawler is the child of Mystique and Azazel, two characters in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. While the fate of Azazel may not allow for him to be the cinematic father of Nightcrawler, there is definitely room for a new origin on the big screen.

#4 - Gambit

Yes, I know Channing Tatum is locked in to play the Cajun card-slinger, but that doesn't mean the movie isn't any less anticipated. The producers are being smart and rolling the new, non-Taylor Kitsch version out in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, but the solo movie needs to be done right. Gambit, if handled poorly, could be incredibly cheesy. Make it a noir film set in New Orleans and you have a winner.

#5 - Beast

Ever since Kelsey Grammer played Hank McCoy in X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, I have hoped to see him get an INCREDIBLE HULK style solo movie. Nicholas Hoult has evolved the role in the latest films but there is still a three decade period of time where the big blue guy could have wandered the Earth to find himself and gotten mixed up in one adventure or another.

#6 - Magneto

A Magneto origin movie was announced back when Wolverine got his first solo film but it never came to fruition. But, with Michael Fassbender killing it as the young Erik Lensheer, I don't know if I can picture anyone else in the part. With that being said, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS teased a very interesting period in the young life of the man before he became Magneto as he hunted down the Nazis responsible for his torture and the death of his mother. I would love to see MAGNETO: NAZI HUNTER, wouldn't you?

#7 - Mystique

Already a topic of rumor due to Jennifer Lawrence's popularity, a solo movie for Mystique could work a lot like Wolverine's solo adventures. As such a borderline hero/villain, you could turn Mystique either way for her own film. Plus, her shape-shifting abilities also leaves the door open for a potential Rebecca Romjin cameo or even a recasting should Lawrence want to move on.

#8 - Psylocke

Betsy Braddock was at one point the female Captain Britain, but it wasn't until she gained the telepathic skills of Jean Grey coupled with the ninja talents of Kwannon that she became Psylocke. With Jean Grey killed off in the X-MEN film series, moving her abilities to a new character would make logical sense. This could be a jumping off point in a solo movie that segues into a new Wolverine or X-MEN team movie. Plus, there are plenty of sexy actresses who would be perfect for this role.

#9 - Colossus & Darkchilde/Magik

The Rasputin siblings, Illyana and Piotr, are better known to fans as Colossus and Magik. Magik, who eventually takes a darker form known as Darkchilde, could make for an intriguing duo in their own film. Usually supporting characters, the abilities of both could make them interesting opponents in a big screen outing or a solid team to go against some villains.

#10 - Husk

One of my favorite X-Men, Husk has the ability to shed her skin and reveal a new layer made of stone or metal underneath. There are so many great female characters in the X-Men comics you could almost make an all female squad that would be worthy of a solo film. Bring in Rogue, Jubilee, and a couple of others and you have a movie I would see.

Honorable Mention - Deadpool

Not technically an X-Man, Deadpool is a fan favorite that everyone has been dying to see get a movie. While we have been teased with a less than faithful version of the Merc in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, Ryan Reynolds is confident he will get the chance to bring a true adaptation of the character to a theater near you. And soon!

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