Logan TV spot shows off some more footage and Caliban speaks!

I'm pretty "eh" on LOGAN at the moment. While being rated R is cool, and X-23 looks awesome, there's not much that has really "wowed" me with any of the trailers, besides maybe the fact they're not going full "desolate apocalypse" on us, which is also nice (and something I wasn't looking forward to). But let's see if this new TV spot can change my mind:

While that wasn't a ton of new footage, there were definitely some new things we hadn't seen before, namely that Xavier mentions the existence of mutant refugee camps, and also Stephen Merchant's Caliban finally speaks! It hasn't changed my opinion on the film itself, but as a completist, I'll at least give it a shot - which, to be fair, hasn't always worked in my favor (i.e. half of the X-MEN franchise). 

Either way, LOGAN will SHHNNNKKT his way into theaters March 3rd, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: So, this doesn't really look anything like OLD MAN LOGAN, does it?
Source: YouTube



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