Luke Evans to take flight in the reboot of The Crow

Well, after a long journey of starts and stops and a number of high-profile talent jumping in and out of potential deals, the reboot for THE CROW has finally landed on Luke Evans, the British actor from such projects as IMMORTALS, THE RAVEN, and FAST AND FURIOUS 6. The most recent rumors fell on Tom Hiddleston and Alexandar Skarsgard, but neither panned out in the long run. Negotiations for Evans are underway, but it's expected to happen with an early 2014 start date. Evans recently attached himself to the role of DRACULA (formerly DRACULA YEAR ZERO), which is also slated for 2014, so it appears the actor will be having a rather gotchic-themed year.

From Deadline:

The distributor looked at Tom Hiddleston and more recently Alexander Skarsgard, the latter of whom has a bunch of offers after Warner Bros halted Tarzan. Ultimately, they have decided to push the start date to early next year to accommodate his schedule in order to secure Evans, who is currently promoting the release of Fast 6.

Although I would've loved to have seen Hiddleston in the role, I think Evans has it in him to do an exceptional job as the titular character. We still have very little info on what story direction director J. Javier Gutierrez is going to take in the reboot, but hopefully he pulls from creator James O'Barr's source material and not some contrived and pieced together tale.

What do you guys think? Can Evans pull it off?

Source: Deadline



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