Lussier on H3D?

VERY Happy Halloween

Guess that Steve Miner rumor won't be rolling around much longer, and I say that's a damn shame - Miner would've had a chance to get back in the game with it, a chance I strongly feel he deserves.

Variety reported this weekend on the upcoming slate for the Weinstein brothers and how they're trying to diversify the genres they're exploiting, even though horror will be a safeguard still. Inside the piece is buried a quick mention that the brothers are in active negotiations with MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D helmer Patrick Lussier to take over HALLOWEEN 3D.

Since it comes from Variety I won't declare it pure crap, but even though it does fit the "experienced in horror and 3D" mold it still sounds a little off. The Weinsteins previously established they wanted the film in theaters by august 2010, while Lussier just signed to handle "Nic Cage's Forehead in 3D" also known as DRIVE ANGRY and still has the cool-sounding CONDITION DEAD 3D on the horizon.

Nothing's official till the fat studio execs sing, but what do we think of Lussier for H3D? Do we care for H3D anyway? I'm getting a little queasy from writing 3D so many times...

Extra Tidbit: JoBlo's Dave Davis wrote CONDITION DEAD 3D. Maybe if I keep mentioning he's a brave, smart and awesome guy he'll let me read it. If not I'll spread the rumor his cat Mr. Fluffykins wrote it. Your call Dave...
Source: Variety



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