Macaulay Culkin stars as Kevin McCallister in Google Assistant Home Alone ad

Now that it's the most wonderful time of the year, you can expect ad agencies to get pretty clever when it comes to hocking wares for the holiday season. One such company that's put together a rather nostalgic and jolly bit of advertising is Google, who recently cast HOME ALONE star Macaulay Culkin as an adult Kevin McCallister for a charming Google Assistant promo. In the commercial, Culkin reprises his role as Kevin McCallister, the quick-witted, trap-setting troublemaker, who 28 years ago tortured two bungling burglars as they made an attempt to invade his posh Illinois homestead.

As the ad plays on, we find Culkin traversing a (nearly) screen-perfect replica of the HOME ALONE manor. As he re-creates key scenes and gags from the beloved holiday family film, Culkin shows off how easy it is to keep the Wet Bandits at bay with the help of Google Assistant, an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant developed by the tech-based conglomerate.

You can watch the ad for yourself below:

Perhaps my favorite part of the commercial, is the scene in which Kevin can be found talking to his Google Assistant while jumping on his parents bed. Why is this funny? Well, Culkin is much older now than he was when he filmed HOME ALONE for director Chris Columbus, and them bones just ain't what they used to be. As Kevin grabs for his lower back, and crumples to the comfort of Mom and Dad McCallister's 1800 thread count sheets, I can't help but crack up ... and empathize as I too am beginning to feel my age in recent years. Enjoy your twenties while you've got em, kids. As soon as you hit 35, shit starts rollin' downhill real quick.

If you already own a Google Assistant product, you should know that, as of today, a update to the device's software will prompt the machine to take you back to some of the most iconic moments from the film with quotes from your favorite scenes. To trigger the bonus HOME ALONE content, simply say, "Hey Google ...," to which the device will repsond with one of the following quotes:

  • “How much do I owe you?” and you’ll be reminded to “Keep the change, you filthy animal.”  
  • “Did I forget something?” and the famous “KEVINNNNNNNNNN” scream will play back.
  • “It’s me Snakes. I got the stuff,” to recreate a back-and-forth dialogue from the movie Kevin watches, "Angels with Filthy Souls."
  • “The Wet Bandits are here” to trigger Kevin defending his house.
  • “I'm the man of the house” to relive the famous scene when Kevin tries aftershave.

Have a happy holiday season, you filthy animals.


Source: YouTube



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