Mad Max comes back

Just a few years ago, a fourth MAD MAX movie called FURY ROAD was barreling down the asphalt. But the "war" in Iraq made the plans to film in that region a dicey proposition, delaying the project indefinitely.

But now the last of the V8 Interceptors is firing up once more. According to Moviehole, the project's offices Down Under opened their doors again and are actively working the project, and George Miller will reportedly develop it simultaneously with JUSTICE LEAGUE, which sounds remarkably ambitious. No word on the premise for FURY ROAD, but it will likely involve hunting for fuel, driving fast, and fighting guys in discarded sports gear, possibly on an angry street.

Mel Gibson won't be returning to the role that helped make him famous, that of post-apocalyptic ex-lawman Mad Max Rockatansky -- Gibson has turned his career more in the direction of filmmaker/loon, and more recently stated he was "too old and can’t deal with the action stuff anymore." In the past, Miller claimed he wouldn't be interested in doing the flick without Mel, but things change. By then he'll have auditioned plenty of guys to wear supertights, maybe he'll be able to find a fit for the worn leather and creaky leg brace of Max.
Extra Tidbit: Back when he planned to make the movie (for a measly $25 million salary), Gibson supposedly wanted his AIR AMERICA co-star Robert Downey Jr. to play the villain.
Source: Moviehole.net



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