Made of Honor trailer

Since I was the one that brought you guys the poster for this thing, I felt it was only right that I cover the release of the trailer too. If nothing else, just so that none of my esteemed colleagues need to watch it. I know those guys in Iraq are making major sacrifices, but my watching and then writing about this trailer makes me feel like I'm doing my bit for humanity too. The film is about a guy who fools around because he looks like Patrick Dempsey and therefore, can, who doesn't realise that he's in love with his best friend (Michelle Monaghan) until she gets engaged to some other guy. Now of course, it's up to him to break up the couple so that he can snag her for himself, the great guy (and friend) that he is. To be honest, the trailer isn't as bad as I had expected it to be; nowhere near as bad as that poster makes it look. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely not something I'm going to be seeing, since last time I checked I had a set of balls hanging between my legs. Still, I ended up seeing 50 FIRST DATES three times in the cinema in the name of sex, so I guess anything is possible. At least now I know what I'm in for.

And in case you forgot about that poster:

Extra Tidbit: This is probably as close to jumping on a grenade as I'll ever get.
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