Madman to screen

Dimension and Robert Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios have struck up a deal to bring Michael Allred's comic book, "Madman," to screen. The book is a twist on the classic Frankenstein yarn, see: the titular "man" is "mad" because he's reanimated by an eccentric doctor who gives him enhanced senses, psychic power, insane physical skills and even names him Frank Einstein. Despite his infinite wisdom, though, the doc can't un-f*ck up (f*ck down?) Frank's face, so the poor guy wonders around wearing a mask modelled after that of his favorite superhero to hide his scars. Dimension says MADMAN will be made in a similar template to SIN CITY and indeed the film will be shot entirely at Troublemaker Studios in Texas. This will be the ninth feature from Troublemaker Studios (including GRINDHOUSE and SIN CITY 2) and the first not to be directed by Rodriguez himself. Rodriguez has been holding on to the rights to "Madman" since 1998. George Huang, who directed SWIMMING WITH SHARKS and commemorated the relationship of Jennifer Love Hewitt and "Boy Meets World"s Will Friedle with TROJAN WAR, will helm the movie from a script he'll write along with Allred (who, interestingly enough, drew the artwork for the "Bluntman and Chronic" comics seen in Kevin Smith's movies).

Extra Tidbit: Some say that Warner Bros' animated series "Freakazoid!," with a similar tone and character design, was a rip-off of "Madman." Allred hadn't commented on this until a couple years ago when he stated that he did notice the similiarities and asked for credit but decided not pursue legal action when he didn't get a response.
Source: Variety



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