Mandy Lane moves

I am officially mystified by the Weinsteins. Just days after they scrapped plans to release the horror flick ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE (which was slotted for this weekend) comes word that they won't release it at all. This after paying a princely sum for the rights to the movie at last year's Toronto fest, where it won plenty of praise.

But all is not lost for fans of bloodshed and babes blended together like a delicious treat -- Senator has snatched the film away from Dimension for domestic release. The downside is that we won't see it now until some time in early 2008.

The slasher flick follows a newly minted high school hottie whose would-be suitors wind up as fresh corpses during a weekend party. If you want to know what you'll be waiting for, you can read Arrow's review RIGHT HERE.
Extra Tidbit: MANDY LANE also stars a dude named Anson Mount. Which isn't really important, I just think that's a great name.
Source: Variety



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