Martin Scorsese thinks holograms are the next big movie format

The self-lacing Nikes from BACK TO THE FUTURE will become a reality next year so how far off is the world of "holofilms?"

How close we're getting to JAWS 19 remains to be seen but visionary director Martin Scorsese thinks the idea of holographic movies is an inevitability. While promoting HUGO, his upcoming 3D film, the director said, "If everything moves along and there's no major catastrophe were headed toward holograms...You have to think that way. Don't let the fashion and the economics inhibit you."

While this might seem like pie in the sky type theorizing from a guy looking to sell audiences on the latest gimmicky format, there's actually something to it.

In 2008, scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology discovered a new plastic film that allowed them to capture an image using the traditional laser method. It's not exactly real-time (yet) but it's a big step towards the goal of a holographic 3D movie.

But the question, as Dr. Ian Malcolm might say, is just because you can create a holographic movie, should you? We're still struggling with the creative viability of the 3D format - how will audiences respond to a holographic 3D image of that huge-breasted woman from PIRANHA 3DD running through the theater? OK, forget that question, I'm sure that won't be an issue. But holographic movies would change the way we watch films and how they're shown to audiences - are you ready for that kind of change?

Source: LA Times



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