Martin Scorsese's The Irishman may be hitting theaters in 2018

martin scorsese

Everyone has been eagerly awaiting solid information regarding Martin Scorsese's plans for THE IRISHMAN. After all, this film would reunite Scorsese with long-time friend Robert De Niro (who honestly could usea Scorsese movie on his record these days) and bring Al Pacino into the mix for his first time ever working with the filmmaker. So who doesn't want to know how soon until we can finally watch that?

It appears you may have to wait close to two years. 

With Paramount already having secured the domestic rights for the film and STX Entertainment striking a deal at Cannes to snag the international rights, a deal still needed to be struck to bring THE IRISHMAN into China. Today Hong Kong's Media Asia landed those rights, but buried in Deadline's news of that arrangement comes the plan for THE IRISHMAN to head into production sometime next year with an eye on a late-2018 theatrical release for the film. 

A new Scorsese film dropping right smack dab in the middle of awards season...? Who would have thunk it?

2018 may seem like an eternity away right now, but time does indeed fly... and before you know it, THE IRISHMAN will be here and we'll be crossing our fingers that Scorsese can once again bring out the magic we know De Niro and Pacino possessed at one point in time. Here's to hoping...

Source: Deadline



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