Marvel developing low-budget superhero movies?

IRON MAN 2, which theaters in just about two weeks, has a budget around $295 bazillion dollars (this is just a rough estimate - don't quote me on that) but that doesn't mean every Marvel movie has to cost an arm and a leg. CHUD is reporting that Marvel Studios is looking to move forward on a number of lower-budgeted movies for some of their lesser-known characters.

Marvel has been quietly (or not-so quietly, I suppose...) meeting with writers and directors to discuss the prospect of developing some of these properties like Dr. Stranger, Luke Cage and Power Pack. These films (which wouldn't include the oft-rumored ANT MAN from Edgar Wright) would very likely be set up at Disney who is itching to get in on the superhero game.

It's an intriguing idea but reducing a budget and hiring more out-of-the-box talent doesn't necessarily mean it'll translate to anything worthwhile. The Thomas Jane PUNISHER movie had a budget of $15 million and was easily one of the worst modern-day superhero films I've seen (and honestly should've been one of the easiest films to pull off).

A good example of what Marvel would like to replicate is 1998's BLADE; a movie based on a character relatively unknown outside comic shops that grossed over $110 million worldwide and spawned two sequels.

So what characters would make the most sense? As mentioned above, I think Luke Cage is something of a no-brainer. It should be a fairly simple story that would require little in the way of expensive special effects. I'm sure some enterprising junior executive will eventually pitch 3-D MAN (pictured above) simply for the obvious format gimmick. I've always though Longshot would make a great movie but his universe may be too expensive to develop on screen on a low-budget. What do you think? Post your suggestions for Marvel below!

Extra Tidbit: What directors would you like to see tackle some of these characters?
Source: CHUD



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