Marvel's Doctor Strange director shortlist narrowed down to three choices

Last month a shortlist of potential directors for Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE surfaced, however Marvel head Kevin Feige called bullshit on the report a few days later. But yesterday Borys Kit from THR tweeted another name has been added to the list, and said two of the previously mentioned directors are still in the mix to helm the project.

Borys Kit says Marvel is still interested in Mark Andrews (BRAVE) and Jonathan Levine (WARM BODIES) for DOCTOR STRANGE, however they are apparently also looking at SINISTER and THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE director Scott Derrickson.

Although Kevin Feige dismissed the original report, this is the second time we've heard about Andrews and Levine for DOCTOR STRANGE, so I do think there might be some truth to these rumors. Maybe Marvel hasn't had any official discussions with these directors about the film, and I'm sure they will weigh all their options before making a decision, but it sounds like the three directors could be serious contenders for DOCTOR STRANGE.

I wouldn't mind any of them for DOCTOR STRANGE, but if you put a gun to my head and forced me to pick one, I'd have to go with Jonathan Levine, with Scott Derrickson not too far behind. This is still a rumor though, and Marvel could always end up going with a different director. But out of these three, which one would you like to see behind the camera for DOCTOR STRANGE?

Source: Twitter



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