Masters of the Universe set for December 2019 with McG no longer directing

I HAVE THE POWERRRRR…*cough* *cough*…sorry, went too big. Let me try that again.

I have the power now to inform all you MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE fans out there that the upcoming live-action film has officially be given a release date of December 18, 2019. It’s a bold date for the movie to take, and unfortunately it may be harder to reach now as EW is reporting that director McG has officially left the project.

The news of the release date and McG leaving come within hours of each other, but so far Sony doesn’t seem fazed about making the release, as they are currently hunting for a new director and reportedly have a script coming from David S. Goyer. No word yet on why the director left, but on the acting front Sony is also reportedly courting A-list actors to fill up key roles. Kellan Lutz was once a name linked with potentially playing the lead of He-Man, but nothing has come of that yet. Really all you need is a man with a big chest who can rock a blonde bowl cut.

The week-before-Christmas slot has been occupied by a STAR WARS movie (including this year’s THE LAST JEDI) going back to 2015, but Disney announced recently that STAR WARS: EPISODE IX would be arriving May 2019. Two-and-a- half years is more than enough time make the film, especially if Sony finds a director quickly.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE is no doubt Sony’s attempt to roll out a new kind of franchise based on the hit 80s cartoon (and ignoring the ghastly 1987 Dolph Lundgren movie), but I can’t say this news does anything for me. Cartoons and toys of the 80s sort of fall out of my purview, so I’m not exactly excited just yet for any sort of movie based on He-Man and his space pals. But clearly there are fans, and a December release could give it some box office legs. They have to find a special name for the franchise, though, as the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Universe doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE is set for December 18, 2019.



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