Matthew Vaughn buys the rights to a book called Lexicon where words are weapons

Matthew Vaughn directing X-MEN

Despite being suitably busy preparing to direct a sequel to X-MEN: FIRST CLASS in January and producing KICK-ASS 2: BALLS TO THE WALL, Matthew Vaughn is still taking the time to set up a very interesting path for his career once those two movies wrap.  Not only has he purchased the rights to a yet-unreleased book by Max Barry called LEXICON after an advance copy was sent expressly to him, but he has even already begun the scripting process.  

In LEXICON, to be published next year, "the setting is contemporary but in a world where words are potentially lethal weapons–tools for persuading others to do what you want–which are wielded by members of a secret, ancient, global organization of people with an aptitude for persuasion in general. Their most gifted and troubled member, a young woman, breaks the society’s primary rule and falls in love."

There's still plenty of time for the project to develop, and of course we don't even know if LEXICON is what Vaugh takes on after he finishes FIRST CLASS 2. 

Any Max Barry fans out there with an opinion on Vaughn handling the author's work?

Rose Byrne in lingerie

Because I'll always take an excuse to run a picture of FIRST CLASS's Rose Byrne.

Extra Tidbit: What are they going to call the sequel to FIRST CLASS? Or will they just slap a "2" up on the end and call it good?
Source: Deadline



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