Melissa McCarthy gets dirty with puppets in NSFW Happytime Murders trailer

Have you ever watched something so strange and absurd that there’s no earthly reason it should exist, but you’re so glad it does because it’s the most enjoyable thing you’ll ever see in your life? If not then I have the honor of introducing you to the red band trailer for THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS, a new comedy that takes place in a world where puppets and humans live side by side. The film centers on Melissa McCarthy and her puppet ex-partner as they team up to find the person killing the cast of an old kids show, "The Happytime Gang". They have to go deep into the underbelly of the puppet world where there’s puppet murder, puppet drugs, puppet prostitutes and other puppet things that sound both gross and adorable, and make for pure hysteria. 

No Sesame. All Street. THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS is a filthy comedy set in the underbelly of Los Angeles where puppets and humans coexist. Two clashing detectives with a shared secret, one human (Melissa McCarthy) and one puppet, are forced to work together again to solve the brutal murders of the former cast of a beloved classic puppet television show.

Anyone going to see DEADPOOL 2 this weekend should start their day off right with this trailer, as it is also equal parts filthy and hysterical. The movie looks absolutely wild and is an ingenious idea for an adult, high-concept comedy. Hopefully, all future trailers for the movie are of the red band variety, because the only way to market this movie is to go all out and double down on the profanity and vulgarity. Puppets can either be G-rated or snorting heroin; there is no in-between. 

THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS arrives August 17.

Source: STX Films



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