McG and the Losers?

CHARLIE'S ANGELS director McG tried to deviate from the overstimulation that established his film career with the more grounded (ahem) sports drama WE ARE MARSHALL, but without quite as much box office success. So he's apparently heading back to a more comic book type of material, literally.

Word has it that the bombast maestro has replaced Peter Berg (of THE RUNDOWN and upcoming THE KINGDOM) as director on THE LOSERS, based on the DC/Vertigo comic series that just recently ended its run. The twisting, violent tale of betrayal and conspiracies revolves around a team of former CIA operatives hunting the man who left them for dead, a shadowy double agent known only as Max.

No info on why the increasingly busy Berg abandoned the project, unless he decided it skewed a little too close to his own (now delayed) military-guys-on-a-mission movie. McG (who I think is an amazingly talented shooter, but desperately needs a good script to follow) is also linked to a remake of FANTASTIC VOYAGE, the classic sci-fi flick that put Raquel Welch in a skintight outfit and then shrunk her (and her prodigious bosom) down to injectable size. For medical purposes, of course.
Extra Tidbit: McG has also served as executive producer on the TV series FASTLANE, SUPERNATURAL and THE O.C.
Source: IESB



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