Mel Gibson joins $65 million Chinese WWII film The Bombing as Art Director

Despite a few supporting roles in films like MACHETE KILLS and THE EXPENDABLES 3 as well as the upcoming BLOOD FATHER, Mel Gibson has struggled to find anyone in Hollywood who will grant him a second chance. The Academy Award-winning filmmaker has not directed a movie since 2006's APOCALYPTO and it doesn't seem like he is going to get a chance in the United States any time soon. So, Gibson is taking his talents to China.

A press release sent via PR Newswire has revealed that Mel Gibson has joined the Chinese film THE BOMBING where he will serve as the film's art director. That's right, Mel Gibson will be working behind the scenes on the $65 million World War II film. Here's the synopsis for THE BOMBING.

The Bombing is based on the bombing of Chongqing by the Japanese air force in World War, and portrays the hardship suffered by Chinese people at that time. Of all the major air raids throughout WWII, the bombing of Chongqing is the only one that has not been featured on screen. Dr. Shi stated that his reason for making the film is to demonstrate China's national spirit against fascism.

China has quickly grown to be the second biggest market in the world for movies with their productions quickly gaining the level of many Hollywood films. With someone of Gibson's caliber advising behind the scenes, THE BOMBING could definitely be a film worth checking out. Here are Gibson's own words about joining the crew of the film.

 "I have seen so many changes in China," he said. "The Bombing has an excellent world-class team with outstanding producers, directors, cast and crew. Our crew is marvelous, modest but enthusiastic. It has been a very interesting experience filming this movie. We share similar objectives no matter who we are, actors or directors. So I am grateful to have such opportunities to express my thought no matter how much I have contributed to the movie."

The film stars Bruce Willis who has also been struggling to find Hollywood productions to star in. Oscar-winners Vilmos Zsigmond (CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND) and Ronald Bass (RAIN MAN) were invited to join the production as photography consultant and screenplay consultant. respectively. THE BOMBING may be one of the most Hollywood caliber films to come out of China yet.

I think it is time for Hollywood to forgive Mel Gibson and give the guy another chance. As a director, his is a talent worth seeing on the big screen again. We have forgiven a lot of crimes from our celebrities in this country, many more heinous that Gibson's transgressions. But, if he has to continue to pay his dues, I just hope THE BOMBING is worth his time.

Source: PR Newswire



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