Men in Black III is proving difficult to make without a script

It seemed pretty clear that MEN IN BLACK II just started with a basic story framework, put Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back in the dark suits and shades, and hoped some magic would happen.

It kinda didn't, but that would appear to be the same process on MEN IN BLACK III. But after being apart since 2002, the duo and director Barry Sonnenfeld may have fallen further out of step.

Just last week, Jones publicly admitted he had no idea what the plotline of MIB3 is, and said "There are vast pieces of the script yet unwritten." 

And now the production has reportedly been delayed again (after already taking a two-month break from shooting) due to "ongoing script issues". LA Times says writer Jeff Nathanson (CATCH ME IF YOU CAN) is currently performing surgery on the screenplay after two (credited) writers previously worked on it.

It's fairly standard for high-paid "script doctors" to come in mid-production and attempt to salvage big-budget tentpole movies -- plenty of which begin with a script that's then constantly tinkered, tweaked or completely rewritten on the fly (go read some William Goldman or check out the recent documentary TALES FROM THE SCRIPT for some distressing insight into how Hollywood handles writers and their work).

But this time around, Smith (whose star power is far greater than the last time he deneuralized) has supposedly grown increasingly dissatisfied, and new addition Josh Brolin (as a young Kay) has grumbled about the project's delays. Can things possibly come together into something even moderately entertaining?

Either way, the movie (in 3D, of course!) is still due in theaters May 25, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: Do you care if MIB3 exists?
Source: LA Times



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